How to file a search with the French Land Register and how do I make a property ownership check ?

The first step is to determine the plot number through the internet site:

It works with an address, but you won’t have any possibility to search with a surname.

If you only look for the name of the owner, a simple form 6815-EM-SD can be sent to the local Tax Administration which is named CDI for “Centre des Impôts Fonciers”.

Here is the link to form 6815-EM-SD:

This search is totally free, you won’t have to pay anything and most of the CDI even provide the answer by email.

If you look for more detailed information like a copy of a title deed or a copy of a vesting assent document or determining whether a mortgage charge is listed on the property, then you will have to send a form 3233-SD to the local Land Register which is named SPF for “Service de Publicité Foncière”.

Here is the link to form 3233-SD:

Each search costs 12 euros + stamps if returned by mail.

The answer will permit to identify all deeds published at the Land Register on the plot you searched for, however it is with another form 3236-SD that you will be able to obtain copies of the deeds themselves.

Here is the link to form 3236-SD:

Costs for this kind of search vary from 5 euros to 30 euros.
All cheques must be made payable to the “TRESOR PUBLIC”.

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