Hourly tariff and fixed fee billing

Hourly Tariff and fixed fee billing.

Legal time keeping report
The law of December 31st 1971 governing the matter states that advocacy fees are freely determined in accord with the customer. Maître Benjamin A. KERGUENO, LL.M, offers two different billing options.
First, it is possible to consider a billing based on time spent, and therefrom applying a predetermined hourly tariff.
In this context, it is indicated that the hourly tariff normally applied by Maître Benjamin A. KERGUENO, LL.M, is 350 € plus taxes (420 €).
At the signature of the contract to employ attorney, the client will be asked to pay a retainer, generally of an amount equivalent to 2 hours of work.
Secondly, it is possible to consider other forms of billing, such as a fixed fee tariff which will depend on the nature of the tasks to be completed by the firm and the complexity of the case.
You can refer to the following guide to estimate the fixed fee billing which may be applied to your case in the field of real estate law.

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