France immigration : how to get french residency permit

Immigration to France : How to get residency cardPanneau frontière France

French immigration law previews that a temporary residence permit may be granted to you if you want to live in France as inactive. This card is the so-called visitor card. It has a term of up to one year and is renewable. To qualify, you have to fulfill certain conditions and perform a special but quite simple procedure.

Immigrant foreigners involved :

You are concerned if you are a non-european immigrant. This card is normally issued at the end of your long-stay visa granted as a foreign visitor to France.

Eligibility :

You must meet the following three conditions as an immigrant to France :

  • commit not to work in France
  • provide with proof of sufficient resources to live in France
  • provide with an international health insurance contract

The minimum amount of resources required for a single immigrant person to France is the monthly amount of the minimum wage, or 1.145,28 € net, over a year.

This must be your own resources (annuities or pensions, property income …) or those of a family member.

You can submit bank certificates, or bonds or income from evidence provided by creditworthy people, including your family.

Your housing conditions in France are also discussed (for instance if you are a proprietor in France, hosted for free, or have to rent a property).

Card application :

You must obtain a long-stay visitor visa at the French consulate of your home country, and apply to transform it into a visitor residency card upon arrival in France.

Costs :

There is a stamp duty to be paid for an amount 260 € for the fist issuing of the card, and 106 € for a renewal.

French immigration stamp in passport
French immigration stamp in passport

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