August 2021
In a context of increasing internationalisation of personal situations, the reform of national legislation in the field of private international law has become inevitable. With some 139 nationalities on its territory, and a population made up of more foreigners than Monegasques (more than 9,000 French and approximately 8,100 Italians compared to just over 8,300 Monegasques),...
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What is a Civil Solidarity Pact? The PACS was introduced into French law in 1999 by Article 515-1 of the Civil Code. It is a contract that allows unmarried couples to organise their life together by giving it a certain legal framework, without however establishing a family relationship, or even a bond of alliance between...
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L’indivision successorale en droit français
The objective of an inheritance file is to successfully allocate the deceased party’s property to their successors. Following the acceptance of the inheritance by multiple heirs and/or legatees, joint ownership opens between the various persons involved before, in theory, proceeding to the division. This joint possession includes all the property and rights of which the...
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The inheritance option
When a death occurs, the named heirs benefit under French law from a three-pronged option with regard to the inheritance. This inheritance option is governed by articles 768 et seq. of the French Civil Code, under which it is possible to either: accept the inheritance outright accept up to the amount of the net assets...
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